Grocery Store Antics: How to Eat Out at a Grocery Store

In the cosmic balance between stoicism and luxury, you might find yourself eating in more. Transitioning toward FI, there are many ways to handle this shift with friends, but it will likely involve saying “no” more often than you used to. This is only natural. You are trying to break free of all the marketers telling you that spending money on stuff is the path to happiness. Some of your friends will take it better than others. Some will realize your higher mission and try to support you in your goals. Others will take your choice as reflection of personal judgement on their own values. While adopting a slow and steady, “Easy Does It” attitude can help ease some of the tension, sometimes you still just want to go out to eat with the old crew. After all in our modern world of prosperity, you can have anything you want, you just can’t have everything. When is saying “no” frugal or just plain cheap? What do you do when your friends want to go out for a delicious, domestically-outsourced meal? Continue reading “Grocery Store Antics: How to Eat Out at a Grocery Store”

Choice: Your Own Personal Superpower!

A fellow blogger recently asked me what I felt to be the most valuable asset Millennials possess. He felt the answer was “time” and had an upcoming article to prove it. Compound interest is indeed wonderful. Albert Einstein call it the “eighth wonder of the world”. Continue reading “Choice: Your Own Personal Superpower!”

The Side Hustle: Building Wealth in your Freetime


I recently came across an article “How to Save $100k by 30“. After having a “smh” and “lol” at the paltry goal (only $100,000? dream big!), I skimmed through the suggestions. I was pleasantly surprised to find a lot of it covered the obvious basics of FIRE and even included some of the buzzwords of the community. As I read through, one suggestion which stuck out was “get a side hustle”. Continue reading “The Side Hustle: Building Wealth in your Freetime”

DIY Barrel-Aged Whiskeys!

Fermenting and aging: the factory hard at work.
Fermenting and aging: the factory hard at work.

So far, all the articles here at Easy Does It FI have been philosophical. Philosophy of happiness, FI, and life in general are pretty heavy topics. And while I’ve only started to scratch the surface on these points, I wanted to take a step away for something a little more practical and fun: home barrel-aged whisk(e)y!* Continue reading “DIY Barrel-Aged Whiskeys!”

The Secret Truth about Financial Independence Retire Early

There’s a secret about FIRE. MMM has hinted at it. Living AFI has gone to great lengths to avoid it, but already has plans of falling back in the trap. The early retirement police love to whine about it. So what is it? There’s no such thing as FIRE. There’s FI, and R- hopefully you are FI by the time you R- but RE, true RE, does not exist.

Wait… What? I just threw out a bunch of letters, so for the layperson, what I’m trying to say is “There’s no such thing as early retirement.” There’s no such thing as working hard to earn a pension and transitioning to a life of golf and Florida beaches… all by the age of 30. The retirement lifestyle that your grandad lives in his 70’s does not (and should not) exist for someone in their 20’s.

Yes, there is “Financial Independence” and there is “Retirement” in the classic sense; however, Continue reading “The Secret Truth about Financial Independence Retire Early”

Examples to Success: Find a Retirement Mentor

This is your life. You are you. You are in control. You set the measures of success. There are no inherently wrong or right decisions, just your decisions. And once made, it’s up to you to make them right.

All this freedom and life can be exhilarating or even frightening, depending on your perspective. So what should you do with all this freedom? Well, chase your desires! Seek those activities or qualities which will make you happy! Continue reading “Examples to Success: Find a Retirement Mentor”

Things I Learned From Camp Mustache II

X marks the spot to self-discovery and life-hacking.
X marks the spot to self-discovery and life-hacking.

“Dear Mrs. Neubz, camp is swell. Thank you for sending us the candy. Everyone shared the chocolate and we made s’mores by the campfire…”

Just getting back from Camp Mustache II. Overall, I’d have to say it was a wonderful experience with wonderful people. Most of my goals were met. Most of my questions were answered. Many of my expectations were validated. Many of my concerns, even fears were eased. I learned new things about myself, my wife, Mustachians, FIRE, life, and happiness. I don’t have enough space to go into any detail, but I do want to hit the highlights. Continue reading “Things I Learned From Camp Mustache II”

The Learning Process: How to Learn a New Skill

This week, I learned how to do something new. It was a direct result of something new I learned about 3 months ago, and that was an offshoot of something I learned 2 months before (and that was probably a culmination of other random learnings).

Am I a master of this new skill? Would people pay me to provide this service for them? Probably not. Does it matter? Heck no! Why doesn’t it matter? Because I put in my best effort and learned how to do something I couldn’t do before! Continue reading “The Learning Process: How to Learn a New Skill”