More Grocery Store Antics

A short while back, I wrote a post on how grocery stores offer a money-saving option when going out for dinner. Since that post, I’ve discovered more great ways to use the grocery store!

Grocery Antic 1. Self-Checkouts for Change

Thee are lots of ways to make transactions these days. Traditionalists prefer cash. Some even like to whip out a checkbook in a store. Most folks these days prefer the convenience of plastic. Some folks who have poor credit history or younger folks with no credit history may Continue reading “More Grocery Store Antics”

Financial Independence: You Need a Mission Statement!

Is touring a brewery actually working..?
Is touring a brewery actually working..?

Starting Off: The Brewery

A few days ago, I was on my side hustle at the brewery. Having mastered the job of pouring beer at the bar, I asked for some broadening. One such opportunity was to help the founder run his Saturday tour. Excited to network and learn more about the brewery, I jumped at the opportunity. Continue reading “Financial Independence: You Need a Mission Statement!”

Grocery Store Antics: How to Eat Out at a Grocery Store

In the cosmic balance between stoicism and luxury, you might find yourself eating in more. Transitioning toward FI, there are many ways to handle this shift with friends, but it will likely involve saying “no” more often than you used to. This is only natural. You are trying to break free of all the marketers telling you that spending money on stuff is the path to happiness. Some of your friends will take it better than others. Some will realize your higher mission and try to support you in your goals. Others will take your choice as reflection of personal judgement on their own values. While adopting a slow and steady, “Easy Does It” attitude can help ease some of the tension, sometimes you still just want to go out to eat with the old crew. After all in our modern world of prosperity, you can have anything you want, you just can’t have everything. When is saying “no” frugal or just plain cheap? What do you do when your friends want to go out for a delicious, domestically-outsourced meal? Continue reading “Grocery Store Antics: How to Eat Out at a Grocery Store”