Easy Does It Financial Independence is a thoughtful approach to the science of personal finance, personal realization, and personal happiness.

The name stems from the practice of achieving these and other personally significant goals through small, consistent, sustainable efforts. By building these efforts into daily life as second nature, habits form and long-term life trajectory improves with ease!

If you’re interested in learning more about the blog and how I came to be Mr. EZFi, start here!

If you’re ready to start your journey and learn more about the FI philosophy, I recommend starting here!

About Me

I’m currently in my late 20’s and still employed full-time as an engineer. I recently married the girl of my dreams, and we hope to retire within the next 18 months.

I’ve always been a saver. As someone intrinsically motivated, I’ve never felt a need to compete with the consumerism around me. I also tend to be very motivated when I do find something worthwhile to pursue. This means that from an early age, I’ve always had more than I needed. My parents (my dad especially) helped me manage this surplus by doing things like opening my first savings account at age 5. Once I was old enough, at age 16, I got my first job with earned income (i.e. with a W-2) and opened a Roth IRA.

I’ve never been someone interested in cutting cost or working as hard as possible so much as just living simply. By reducing complexity, I’m able to reduce the effort required to manage the noise in life and focus on the relationships and enriching values that really bring me happiness. Through this blog, I will share some of my perspectives and provide guidance as you develop your own financial path. Hopefully, you will find that, over time, personal finance can become something so simple and effortless that it really does become second nature.

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