5 Lessons from the Fincon17 FIRE Panel

Recently, I attended FinCon17 in Dallas. If you read Easy Does It FI regularly, you saw my pre-game analysis and thoughts leading up to the event. Overall, the conference was amazing, and I highly recommend it for anyone who might want to retire early (or retire at all). There were lots of great panels with lots of great information, and I feel a renewed sense of inspiration about my journey toward early retirement.

One session, the “FIRE panel” was particularly great for aspiring early retirees. The panel consisted of Tanja from Our Next Life, Doug from The Military Guide, Gwen from Fiery Millennials, and Scott Trench from Bigger Pockets. These panelists are established thought leaders in the FIRE movement. Doug and Tanja are even early retired. Through the conversation, these panelists did a great job touching on important topics and raising questions that probably don’t get asked enough within the early retirement community. The attendees were exceptional as well, and through the open forum, the group was able to explore some topics in depth. Of the topics, here are 6 of the most important.

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A Lesson in Early Retirement from the Newly Retired


14,000′ High Goals
Lofty Goals

Much of any financial independence early retirement blog will (rightfully) spend a great deal of time covering early retirement. The best authors will cover their plans in great, technical detail, running tons of sensitivities and stress tests (“what if the market this?”, “what if healthcare that?”). They will also diary their emotions and daily trials, sharing what it takes to really make the jump on a personal level. After retirement, some bloggers may even continue writing, providing updates and sharing their ongoing personal growth. If you read these blogs (and you’re here reading Easy Does It FI), then you probably agree that early retirement is an amazing accomplishment. Hopefully, you’re interested in applying these lessons and early retiring yourself.

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Fincon17 or “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb”

Preparations for my first Fincon

With the start date of my first Fincon only weeks away, I can’t help but reassess this decision. Is this still a good idea? Will my time and money be wellspent?

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